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Dr.Thomas and Maggie Goupil

Bethany Bible Baptist church
10624 South State Road Morrice, MI
48857-9747 - (517) 625-6444  church
                       (810) 266-4491   home

Dr.Thomas Goupil PhD
President; Instructor; Doctoral Candidate Student Advisor
Dr. Goupil enlisted and served in the U.S. Navy at the age of 18 and upon his discharge held a variety of jobs while attending Baker College, Owosso, MI, Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO and International Seminary of which he is a graduate.
He is presently the Pastor of Bethany Bible Baptist Church and has over 37 years in the ministry leading countless souls to the Lord to receive their salvation.
Dr. Goupil is also the founder of Bethany Baptist College and Gilead Baptist Academy presently serving as the President, Senior Professor and counselor for Doctoral candidates. He is the author of many of the courses currently making up the various disciplines offered at Bethany.


Sending Church
Bethany Bible Baptist Church
Dr. Thomas Goupil